Newsprint Bird

Make inexpensive bird decor from a damaged book.


I love books! I would never destroy a usable book for a craft. However, when a book is damaged and no longer readable, it makes me feel better to recycle it.

How to:

Print and cut out the template.

Tear several pages from an old book. Trace the bird template onto one of the pages.  Layer the pages together and cut out the bird.

Divide the birds into two groups. One group will face right and the other will face left.
I’m mixing some silver acrylic paint with water to give my birds a hint of shimmer. Mix the paint and water well. I’m using a clean foam sponge to apply it, but you could also use a paintbrush. Allow the paper to dry completely.

Add a decorative zig-zag stitch across the lower half of your bird.

Use a straight stitch to sew around the edge of the bird. You might be wondering why we don’t sew the two halves of your bird together right now. It’s actually easiest to sew them individually because then you don’t have to worry about sewing around the brad’s prongs.

Once your bird is sewn, add a brad for its eye. The prongs on this brad were very long, so I trimmed them a bit. Repeat these steps for the other side of your bird. Hot glue the two sides together, starting at the head area. Leave the bottom open.

Add a little batting or stuffing to give your bird dimension. Then seal the hole shut with hot glue. Make sure to pull the paper tight and flat… you don’t want wrinkles along the seams.

We’re going to give the bird little clothespin feet so that he can perch. Add dabs of hot glue on each side, along the bottom of the bird’s tummy. Add the clothespin upside down, so the end you pinch is attached to the bird. This will allow his feet to grasp onto things.

Now it’s time to give him wings. You’ll need four wing shapes for each bird. Fold a couple sheets of your book paper, and trace the wing template on the top page. Cut out the wings. Add some paint to the wings.

Hot glue a wing in the center of the bird. Add another wing on top of the first at an upward angle. Repeat on the other side.

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2 thoughts on “Newsprint Bird

  1. MimiStace says

    Love them! They make me want spring to get here!

  2. Sandra Chavez says

    Really cute idea and you did a wonderful job on your video tutorial. Thanks.

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