5 Quick Clothespin Crafts

In today’s video, we’re going to get creative with clothespins. I’ll show you how to create 5 quick and easy craft projects that cost very little to make. 


First, a tip. Do NOT buy your clothespins in the craft section. At my local store, they were $2 for 24. Over in the section with the laundry supplies, they were $2 for 100. So don’t overpay for clothespins.

I’m using my Permapaque® markers on ALL of these projects. These come in a couple different sizes, with the smaller markers being great for writing text, and the larger markers being handy for coloring. These markers have a paint-like ink, but without the mess or drying time of paint.

How to:

Chore Chart

First, let’s make a quick chore chart. I’m using a scrap of chipboard as my base, but you can also use regular cardboard. I have these cute chalkboard labels I found at the $1 spot. You could also use cute scrapbook paper and make your own labels.

I’m writing the chores using a white Permapaque® marker. It shows up well on dark surfaces, and it looks a lot like chalk.

Write each person’s name on a clothespin, using the fine point marker. You might be wondering whether you can use a regular permanent marker instead. In my experience, permanent markers tend to bleed on wood, with the ink spreading into the grain of the wood and giving you blurry lines. These Permapaque® markers perform much better on wood.

I’m adding a bit of color to match my chore chart. If you have small children who can’t read yet, you might want to give each child a different color.

Add a magnet to each corner on the back of the chipboard. These magnets are self-adhesive, but you could also attach them with a hot glue gun.

Clip on the names and hang on the fridge. You can rotate the clothespins to give each person a turn. No more arguing over chores!

Sunburst Wreath

Next I want to make a cute little sunburst wreath for my gallery wall. I’m using a small wood embroidery hoop, but you can make this using any size hoop you’d like. Remove the outer ring, as we will only be using the inner ring.

Clip the clothespins all the way around, leaving a small gap between each. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon for hanging. I’m coloring the smaller segment of each clothespin with a silver Permapaque® marker. Permapaques® come in a variety of metallic hues, which is a fun way to add a little shimmer to your decor.

I love how clean and simple this looks on my wall!

Tuna Can Pen Holder / Planter

I’ve seen a lot of variations of this next project online. You can recycle a tuna can to become a pen holder or a planter.

Clean the can and ensure it has no sharp edges. If you wish to use it as a planter, use a hammer and nail to add a few holes for water drainage.

Color the clothespins as desired. I love the look of Permapaque® markers with the natural wood, so I’m only going to color the larger segments of these clothespins. I’m using the chisel end of the marker to color them quickly. As you can see, it’s much neater than trying to paint; there’s no need to tape off the area by the spring. I can also flip these over and immediately color the other side, without waiting for paint to dry.

Clip the clothespins around the edge of the can. If this is a pen holder, add your pens and you’re finished! If this is a planter, add a bit of gravel to the bottom to aid in proper drainage. I bought this bag of gravel at the $1 store. Add your plant, and top with a bit more gravel. I’ve found this project works best with succulents, which require dry soil and very little water.

Chip Clips

Here’s a project that only takes a couple of minutes to make! Craft a cute set of chip clips by labeling clothespins. They’re handy for keeping chips fresh, and you can use them for bread, veggies, and cereal bags as well.

Rustic Photo Frame

Let’s finish up with a recycled rustic photo frame. The glass in this wood frame broke, and I don’t even have the backing to it anymore. But I can still turn it into something cute. Hammer a small nail or tack into the left and right surfaces of the frame. Knot a piece of twine or wire between the two pieces, pulling it taut. Color the clothespins as desired. I’m using a copper Permapaque® marker to match my tacks.

Print small photos and clip them to the twine using the clothespins. Or, keep a stack of scrap paper and a pen nearby, and use this as a message board.

I hope you enjoyed crafting these 5 quick clothespin projects with me! 

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