Rockin’ Felt Valentine

Here’s a Valentine that will rock their world! Includes a CD pocket so you can add a sweet soundtrack!

How to:

Begin by cutting a piece of card stock to 5 inches tall by 10.5 inches long. Fold the card stock in half to make a square

Insert a 1-inch circle punch halfway at the top of the righthand square.

Put adhesive on the right and bottom sides of the CD pocket. Remember that the CD slides into the pocket, so keep the glue in a thin line along the edge.

Now you’ll need to make the tab closure for the book. I’m cutting mine about 4 inches long and 3 inches tall. Fold the tab in half lengthwise so it measures 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. Hot glue in place.

I’m using a piece of felt that measures 8.5 x 12 inches for the outside of my card. Lay it down landscape style and fold up the the bottom 3.5 inches. Crease along the fold.

Glue the tab between the layers of felt on the right side of the album. Line up the top of the tab with edge of the fabric you folded up. This should put the tab about halfway up the side of the album.

Unfold the bottom and add hot glue to the fold and along the bottom of the right side as well, below the tab. Add a line of hot glue along vertically along the center as well, at the 6 inch mark, stopping at the crease.

Fold the bottom up to the tab and press firmly to adhere. Close the album by folding in half.

Add the fuzzy Velcro to the tab, then place the rough velcro directly on top. Place the tab where you want it and press down so the tab attaches to the cover.

You can round off the corners of your tab if you’d like.

I’m using some acrylic stamps to decorate the cover of my album. Press the stamp firmly on a contrasting piece of felt. Cut out the image and adhere to the front.

Add decorative rhinestones if desired. A little ribbon bow will add some dimension, and a row of buttons will finsih the look.

Insert your CD soundtrack into one pocket. Tuck messages or photos into the other pocket.

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  1. I think I should give it a shot/go!

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