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You’ve followed along as I’ve crafted and sewed my way through 100 videos. Would you like to see how I store and organize my supplies?

In one of my very first videos, I showed you how I store my scrapbooking materials , so I won’t spend time on that today. Instead I’ll show you how I keep my sewing supplies organized.

As with the scrapbooking supplies, I’m a fan of vertical storage. A tall bookshelf or china hutch is convenient for storing flat folds or bolts. Having my fabric visible makes it easy to tell what I have. I also have a basket for clothes that need mending. I used to keep these in a cupboard, but then I’d forget about them. This way I’m reminded to patch things up when I have a spare minute.

One drawer is reserved for my daughter’s projects. She’s 9 and just learning to sew. Another drawer has scraps of interfacing– I always seemed to misplace those before I reserved a drawer for them.

The bottom cupboard holds batting, and sweaters and t-shirts to recycle. Zippered bags from bedding sets make great storage- they’re durable and it’s easy to see what you have to work with.

I like to save sweaters because I can’t crochet or knit, but I can cheat and mimic the look by sewing with them (remember this Sweater Headband?) I can always find a use for old t-shirts… check out my Recycled Rosettes or Latch Hook Recycled Rug video if you want some ideas.

I keep my spools organized on my homemade Thread Organizer— there’s a video for that too, in case you missed it. My iron and sewing journal stay out of the way on the wall. I like to cover my work tables in wrapping paper– that way if I’m painting or using spray adhesive, I don’t need to worry about my work surface.

I keep my basic tools handy in the drawer of my sewing table. I use the bottom two drawers for current projects; it helps to keep all the necessary supplies in one place.

Now I’ll show you where I keep my sewing notions. I bought these craft storage cubes at my local scrapbook store… they were on clearance for $10 each.

I label everything. You’d think I would remember where I put stuff in my own craft room, but sometimes I’m kind of spacey. This top drawer is for my bias tape. The second drawer has my sewing notions, filed by type in ziploc baggies. I also have containers for pins; I bought these at Michael’s dollar spot. And the bottom drawer has rolls of tulle, as well as embroidery floss.

This other storage cube has my buttons, organized by color. These little jars are from Ikea. I also have room for patterns, although I usually prefer to make my own. And, I have my well-thumbed sewing machine manuals.

Finally, I use this standard filing cabinet to stash my small fabric scraps. I keep them in 12×12 plastic baggies, organized by color.

I use my Shabby Chic Memo Board to tack up magazine articles, interesting color palettes, and other things to inspire me.

It isn’t fancy, but it’s functional. If you’re looking to create your own sewing space, look around your house to see if there’s a bookshelf or filing cabinet you can repurpose. Add some plastic bags and some labels, and you’re well on your way.  Thanks for visiting my craft room!

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  1. Madonna Pincus says

    Hi, this is my first visit but not my last. I enjoyed your craft/sewing room video. Lots of good storage ideas. Thank you for sharing. I also am going to use your video for how to make a bike bag. Thanks again.

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