Freehand Lettering

Freehand Lettering
Although I like to use a pencil and ruler to sketch out my bigger designs, I've taken to carrying around a small notebook and gel pen for impromptu freehand lettering. It's fun to just put ink on the page and see what happens...

Common Thread

great grandma's quiltSoon it will be September, National Quilting and Sewing Month, so I've been spending a lot of time thinking about why, exactly, I love sewing so much. I imagine a lot of it comes from the connection it gives me to my heritage. I come from a proud line of quilters.

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Wood Play Food

2Wood Play Food
Mix it up with durable wooden play food for your little chef! Make an inexpensive set of pretend food for imaginary play, using wooden blocks and paint markers. These are as fun to make as they are to play with!


I own hundreds of stamps... I can never resist them when I see them in my craft store's $1 spot! Stamping is a quick way to add a pattern to a scrapbook page, or a sentiment to a card. Here's a collection of 6 projects that feature stamps!