Lucky Penny Decor

Lucky Penny Decor
Today I’ve got a quick home decor project for St. Patrick’s Day! This Lucky Penny Decor is inexpensive and easy to make. Use pennies from significant years to remember why you're so lucky!

Illuminated Lettering

2Illuminated Lettering
Illuminated letters are colorful, illustrated letters that are decorated with gold or silver. In early manuscripts, they served as placeholders in the text, and added interest to documents.  Illuminated letters were traditionally created using real gold in the form of a fine powder. You can still purchase real gold powder or gold leaf. However, this technique is expensive and complex. Luckily,  there’s an easier way to achieve the metallic appearance of gold.

Love You

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Here are some festive DIY ideas to help you share the love this February!